Senior Dog Care

Senior Dog Care

Just like people, dogs slow down and get aches and pains as they age. And just like people, senior dogs require additional care.

Things to consider for senior dogs

If you have a senior dog, you are going to have to help him out more than you would a younger dog. Senior dogs can benefit from senior specific dog food. These foods typically have joint supplements in them to aide in keeping the senior dog’s joints working as best they can. Senior dog food also usually has more fat and protein in it to give the senior dog more nutrients. Senior food also adds digestive aides. In addition to senior dog food, you may also want to give your dog additional joint or digestive supplements. Senior dogs need to get regular exercise to ensure their joints don’t freeze up on them. Even simple short walks are good for senior dogs. It’s best that senior dogs avoid being required to go up and down stairs. This may be hard on them and increase the chances of them falling and seriously hurting themselves. If your senior dog is relatively healthy, these may be all that you need to do to make them comfortable. If your senior dog has an illness or physical problems, your dog may be more involved.

Therapies than can help senior dogs

There are many alternative therapies that can help a senior dog have a good life as he ages. Senior dogs can benefit from water therapy where the dog walks on a treadmill that is under water. The resistance of the water allows the dog to develop a lot os muscle without a lot of impact. Senior dogs may also enjoy massages and physical therapy with a specialist if their joints are starting to get painful. Acupressure and acupuncture are also good alternative therapies that can help alleviate pain and make your senior dog more comfortable overall.