Best Crate for Large Dog

Best Crate for Large Dog

I have an enormous dog. He is a Newfoundland. When I got him as a puppy, I needed to get a crate for him because I wanted him to be crate trained. You never know when they is going to come in handy. Knowing he was going to be enormous when he was an adult, I decided to get an extra large crate. I didn’t want to have to keep getting new crates as he got bigger and bigger, outgrowing the last one.

What kind of crate did I get?

As I said before, my pooch is huge. He is a whopping 130 pounds! And I swear 10 pounds of that is hair! I got him a wire crate with a removable, washable cover. I got this crate because, frankly, it’s the largest one I could find! I did not want my dog to feel cramped up in the crate. I wanted him to like his crate. And sure enough, he does! Every night when it’s bed time, he puts himself to bed. I keep nice blankets in there with a couple of his favorite toys. Sometimes during the day, I’ll wonder where he is, and once I search the house for a while, I end up finding him in his crate. If you want to buy a dog crate, you should go to They are the premier site for dog crate reviews.

One drawback

The only drawback of this type of crate is it’s not very portable. The wire crate attaches to a solid bottom. It comes apart rather easily when it’s lifted. I can push it around the house easily, but I can’t lift it into the car or anything. I don’t know that there is a crate out there that would fit my dog and be reasonably portable. But aside from not being transportable, I’m very happy with my extra large dog crate! I recommend this crate for any large breed dog.